HTC announces a new blockchain-powered Android phone

HTC is creating an Android phone that's powered by blockchain

HTC Exodus to Be 'World's First Native Blockchain Phone'

A sketch of HTC's upcoming blockchain phone appears on its official site.

With APIs and a trusted hardware stack that includes the kernel and secure enclave, the phone will connect to various wallets. If that doesn't get you Mr. Robot fanboys going, I don't know what will. HTC Vive founder, Phil Chen will be in charge of the Blockchain initiative.

"Through Exodus, we are excited to be supporting underlying protocols such as Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity, and more", Chen said on the integration of blockchain applications with the phone's hardware. "We would like to support the entire blockchain ecosystem", he said.

However, HTC has still not announced the price of the smartphone but the company is reportedly considering accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for the device.

HTC has been struggling in the smartphone space and it is hard to imagine the justification of it launching a Block-chain powered phone. As the company's "Decentralized Chief Officer", Chen notes users will own their "ID and data" right on the phone, instead of the cloud.

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The phone's called "Exodus" and will be released this October. This would be the second Blockchain smartphone, behind Sirin Labs Finney smartphone that is priced at $1000. While the Exodus phone maintains a crypto-connection, its important to understand the basics of blockchain outside of cryptocurrencies to see how revolutionary this device could be.

HTC joins a growing list of top technology companies foraying into the blockchain segment.

In other words, the Exodus device will act as a way for users to connect to a decentralized network, as well as an actual storage option for users to "carry" their cryptocurrencies.

In theory, blockchain-powered phones will offer bumped up security and a better cryptocurrency user experience.

You'll also be able to easily trade with peers on the phone's network - without any mining fees.

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