John Cena has no regrets over public love confession

John Cena Opens Up More About Nikki Bella Says He ‘Just Wanted Her To Hear Me

Nikki Bella Says She Only Shared a Bed With John Cena '30 Days Total Out of 6 Months' Prior to Split

"I didn't think cold feet and all that type of stuff existed, but it exists". "I think there is hope", Bella told ET. "I truly hope one day that we can work it out and get back together".

"What's hard at times and what people don't realize about my relationship is I'm alone a lot and I'm alone in these big, lovely homes, which you're like, gosh, I mean, these homes are unreal", Bella says. "If you look at me in 2012 and you look at me sitting right here, it's a learning experience and one I'm grateful for".

On the Today show Monday, Cena detailed his own heartbreak. But, it's very hard. Anyone who has experienced that knows that it comes with a series of bad feelings.

When asked if shooting the show had any impact on the breakup, Nikki answered, "I felt so much pressure from the cameras, the world, my family, John, and I think I started taking care of everyone and forgot about me and that's what caused me, I don't know, I don't want to say 'snapped, ' I don't want to say 'a breakdown, ' but something like that, you know?" "But I don't have any other hopes, other than one day that we can work it out". He continued, "I don't want anybody else".

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As for not wanting children, Cena said he's changed his mind about that too.

Earlier this week, John had told the show's hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford that he wanted nothing more than to patch up his relationship with 34-year-old Nikki, even stating he would like to have children with her despite being against the idea previously.

Simmons jokingly suggested Cena's intervention was needed, saying, "Hey John - this wedding, we're going to have the Royals, we're going to have Diana's family, the Spencers, now we're going to have the Markle family". I don't care about being viral, I don't care about anyone's comments-I'm grateful for all of that-I care about one person.

"Nikki Bella is on [the Today Show] Thursday and this whole thing about Cena being legit and being a jerk, I mean come on Nikki Bella is on Thursday".

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