Moving US embassy nothing to do with Gaza violence - Nikki Haley

Moving US embassy nothing to do with Gaza violence - Nikki Haley

Moving US embassy nothing to do with Gaza violence - Nikki Haley

Monday was the deadliest day in Gaza since the 2014 war with Israel. At least 2,700 were said to be injured.

In Gaza city, hundreds marched in the funeral of eight-month-old Leila al-Ghandour, whose body was wrapped in a Palestinian flag.

"It reflects the will of the American people, " she said. It was taken on Friday as the protests gained in fury.

Israel has also said that it was defending its border against the militant group Hamas, which controls Gaza and which the USA considers a terrorist group, saying Hamas has attempted attacks during the protests.

"We condemn the appalling, deadly violence in Gaza yesterday during which 58 Palestinians were killed and nearly 1,360 demonstrators were injured with live ammunition by Israeli security forces", Colville said.

Protesters, led by Helmi Alfarra, chanted slogans like, "Brick by brick, wall by wall, occupation has to fall", "Gaza Gaza don't you cry, Palestine will never die", and "Donald Trump, you will see, Palestine will be free".

United Nations human rights officials said Tuesday that Israel's use of lethal force against Palestinian demonstrators was unjustified and called for an independent investigation into what could be grave breaches of global law.

"The Israeli ambassador was told that our envoy to Israel was called back for consultations, and was informed that it would be appropriate for him to go back to his country for some time", a Turkish Foreign Ministry source said.

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Although the baby's family blames Israeli forces, an unnamed doctor told reporters the child had a pre-existing condition.

He eventually found his mother close to the border and handed Leila over to her.

President Tayyip Erdogan described the actions of the Israeli forces as a "genocide" and Israel as a "terrorist state".

"The masses completely scattered and so I gave the order to open fire", he said.

"The rules on the use of force under worldwide law have been repeated many times but appear to have been ignored again and again". The PM said the violence was "destructive to peace efforts".

But during a UN Security Council meeting, USA ambassador Nikki Haley said: "No country in this chamber would act with more restraint than Israel has".

Britain, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden - the five European nations on the council - joined Belgium, Germany and Italy in a statement calling on Israel to "refrain from excessive use of force" and on Hamas "to avoid provocation" and ensure that protests remain non violent. Speaking to the European Parliament last month, French President Emmanuel Macron put Ankara and Moscow in the same bracket, saying he did not want the Balkans to "turn towards Turkey or Russian Federation".

The White House instead reiterated the Trump administration's refrain, in response to weeks of violence on the Israel-Gaza border, that Israel had a right to defend itself.

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