NAACP call for arrests in drug suspect's death during struggle with police

Robinson's family has called for the investigation into the 22-year-old's death to be handled by an agency other than the local police. He

Autopsy reveals black man, 22, who died after a struggle with police was suffocated

A Louisiana coroner has ruled the death of an unarmed black man during his arrest was likely a "homicide" and he had suffered "compressional asphyxia".

Robinson, who was the target of an undercover drug operation, fled from police in his auto, crashed into two sheriff's vehicles, and then fled on foot - jumping over several backyard fences before he was caught with drugs on him, officials said.

Sheriff Joe Lopinto mentioned 4 deputies concerned within the arrest have been learn their rights and are cooperating in an investigation that additionally entails state police and the FBI.

Robinson was in custody when he died on May 10 after deputies caught him near Jefferson Highway and Labarre Place in someone's backyard.

Robinson's family praised Cvitanovich on Monday.

Ryan Jackson, who was shot by Jefferson Parish deputies during a drug investigation a year ago, recently filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the sheriff's office, the Advocate reported. "I don't want to delay disclosure regarding the direction in which we're heading from Mr. Robinson's family, the sheriff's department or the media", Cvitanovich said.

"Today is just as hard as Thursday for this family", Hilliard said.

The station also adds that the march came hours after the coroner released Robinson's autopsy that stated he had traumatic injuries to the soft tissue of his neck and that his death was caused by the actions of another.

The four officers involved in the death have been reassigned.

He said Louisiana State Police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and his office will continue to investigate.

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A struggle ensued. Robinson was taken into custody and later died.

"They were in a fight with this gentleman effecting an arrest", he added.

The attorney representing Robinson's family, Hester Hilliard, said they are seeking an independent autopsy.

Lopinto mentioned it was too early to conclude whether or not a choke maintain was used. He also noted police are "not trained" to use the chokehold on suspects, but aren't "forbidden from doing that".

When Robinson noticed the agents, who wore badges, approaching him, he attempted to drive off, but jumped from his auto about a block away after running into two sheriff's vehicles.

"We've been discussing body cameras for years", Lopinto said. "They're grieving, and today they had to find out that Keeven lost his life at the hands of another", she said, according WDSU.

Sheriff Lopinto has already rebuffed some calls for him to end undercover work, and he said he expected his office to proceed normally for now. "And when the police do press them, we want them to be able to let the police do their job, but they're afraid of the police".

She credited Lopinto and Cvitanovich for being open about the autopsy results and the investigation.

"I know people would ask for that, but that's just not the case when you're working in that capacity", he said.

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