Scotland set to vote against Brexit bill

Scotland’s Sturgeon warns of catastrophic ‘no deal’ Brexit

Scotland set to vote against Brexit bill

But Scottish Brexit minister Michael Russell said parliament needed "to unite to protect the powers of devolution".

Westminster has never before tried to legislate in devolved areas without the backing of Holyrood, however, so it is not clear what will happen next.

The Scottish government has urged the Parliament in Edinburgh to refuse "legislative consent" for the highly contested EU (Withdrawal) Bill now being debated by lawmakers in London.

The Scottish Parliament today voted down crucial Brexit-related legislation - sparking fears of a constitutional crisis.

With the Greens, Scottish Labour and the Liberal Democrats having said they will join the SNP and vote against granting consent, it is certain to be passed when MSPs vote on the matter at 5pm on Tuesday. However, the United Kingdom maintains that it will hold consultations with the Scottish government on any changes in these domains, whereas Scotland demands to be given veto power to block any decision it disagrees with.

- How can it be the case that Westminster can introduce legislation against the will of the Scottish Parliament? The prime minister briefed Conservative backbenchers on Monday about the two options her ministers are considering: a customs partnership which see Britain collecting tariffs on behalf of the EU; and a combination of technological and administrative measures created to diminish friction on a UK-EU customs border. "I still think we can resolve this issue and that remains my objective", he said.

'The blame for that lies entirely with the SNP.

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Sturgeon has rejected claims by May's Scottish Conservative allies that she is trying to "weaponise Brexit" to further her aim of Scottish independence. "It's not in Scotland's interests that the SNP prefers picking fights to making a deal".

But Scottish Labour's Brexit spokesman Neil Findlay said: "As the party that delivered devolution, Labour will always seek to defend and strengthen it".

While Mr Lidington has said he is "open to suggestions that would improve the Bill" the UK Government has repeatedly refused to drop clause 15 - which was formerly clause 11 - from the legislation.

Despite the vote, Scottish Brexit Minister Mike Russell has vowed this will "not be the end of the process".

Scotland's SNP government wants such powers to be under Scottish control, while the Conservative British government argues they should reside in London, at least initially.

"I still hope that they will take a positive decision, that they will take a step back and look at the proposal that we have put forward in relation to the specific arrangement which is just to keep 24 areas which affect the whole of the United Kingdom exactly as they are at the moment, so that the day after we leave the European Union nothing will have changed".

"Obviously, there'll be an opportunity for further debate and discussion in parliament but also I hope there'll be the opportunity for debate and discussion between the two governments".

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