Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato Release "Fall in Line"-Listen Now"

Christina Aguilera

Demi Lovato Lends Vocals to Christina Aguilera's 'Fall In Line' - Listen Now!

"And I'm gonna pay for this / They're gonna burn me at the stake / But I got a fire in my veins / I wasn't made to fall in line / No I wasn't made to fall in line". Sharing some of the song's lyrics, female empowerment is clearly at the heart of the song.

Aguilera wrote in a Tweet this morning, "To anyone who's ever felt silenced and repressed, the truth seekers and bold thinkers... may you liberate your voice and break the mold, never back down, and never fall in line". Demi and Xtina followed each other on Instagram shortly after, with Demi citing Christina as the main influence behind her latest album Tell Me You Love Me around the same time. And based on what we're hearing so far, this album will be a go-to for women across the globe. The singer left The Voice in 2016, and while rumors suggested her departure was due to the prevalence of Blake Shelton and new judge Gwen Stefani's romance, Aguilera insisted that wasn't the case. "I have always looked up to Christina", the Confident singer told Billboard magazine about her idol. "I remember being at her concert and singing facing the crowd instead of the stage, knowing that was exactly what I wanted to do in life". "I nearly cried when I first heard her on the record".

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If you're as blown away as we are by "Fall In Line", then you need to prepare yourselves as Christina and Demi will be delivering the first TV performance of the song at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday. You're truly a GEM, I have huge love & respect for you! Now, the pop diva has unveiled a third single - this time teaming up with Demi Lovato.

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