Facebook introduces voice posts, story archive options for users in India

Facebook introduces voice posts, story archive options for users in India

Facebook launches voice posts, two other features from India

It is not yet known when the rest of the world will see these new Facebook features.

The company just introduced a new set of updates for its camera-centric feature, but, unlike some previous updates, the features will roll out to users in India first.

If you ask Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Stories are the future for social video sharing. First, in many areas, like India where the feature is first launching, smartphone space is hard to come by, leaving limited room for saving photos and videos on the device itself. The feature is now available for Facebook Lite users while Android users will see the feature in coming weeks. They can also be saved and shared later. It should be noted that Snapchat also has similar feature, where Stories can be backed up to the app, without using phone storage.

In terms of availability, Facebook is introducing this option on its Android app only and there is no word on when the company will bring this feature on to its iOS app.

Facebook first launched the Stories feature in mid-2017.

Hayes said Facebook has more than 217 million people per month in India, which means more than half the Internet population of the country is on Facebook so we're committed to building products with Facebook in mind.

Hayes adds that Facebook is adding this feature in order to "help people share and connect with their friends and family on Facebook in ways that are authentic to them". Just like a text-based post or a video-based post, Voice Posts give people a more direct and intimate way to share what they're thinking.

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'Saving photos and videos can be used to save what you might want to post later - so you don't have to edit or post them while you're out with friends, and instead enjoy the moment at the concert or share them later, ' Hayes told TechCrunch. Now, Facebook Stories is getting an all-new feature which will allow people to do 'Voice Posts.' This means that your voice can be a Facebook Story.

Facebook Stories has struggled to take off in the same way that WhatsApp Stories or Instagram Stories have.

It's not exactly a trade secret that the best things about both Facebook's and Instagram's Stories were copied from Snapchat.

TechJuice for Browser: Get breaking news notifications on your browser. Further, you can also send one of your archived Stories to your contacts over Messenger.

Is Facebook slowly becoming a "has-been"?

Users will create Voice Posts using the camera, although it is not yet completely clear how it will all work. This new feature is somewhat similar to Instagram Stories archive, which was made available previous year, as pointed out by MacRumors. Usually, Stories delete themselves after 24 hours, but you'll be able to prevent that from happening for the Stories you value most.

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