Kent State graduate celebrates by strolling campus with her AR-10

Student celebrates graduation by taking huge AR-10 rifle to university

Female Kent State Graduate Carries AR-10 on Campus

The student posed with an AR-10 rifle following graduation and had a very blunt message for any naysayers on her graduation cap, "Come and Take it". I ought to have been in a position to take action as a scholar - particularly since four unarmed college students had been shot and killed by the federal government on this campus.

Those students were killed when guardsmen fired during a mass protest at the school's campus against the US bombing of Cambodia. "As a woman, I refuse to be a victim & the second amendment ensures that I don't have to be". You're the biggest advocates for gun rights. In addition to opposing gun control measures and advocating for a right to carry on campus, Bennett's group argues that "taxation is theft" and, "voting is violence and democracy is the oppression of those who dwell within the minority opinion".

Although the photo has received ample amounts of criticism, Bell isn't going to apologize for her graduation pictures.

Bennett, who just graduated with a BA in biology, told Campus Reform in an interview that her tweets were inspired by her longstanding concern with how Kent State's policies reduce the ability of students to protect themselves on campus. But visitors are not prohibited from carrying firearms on the public university's grounds, although they can't take them into buildings.

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The university confirms Bennett didn't break any rules with her photo shoot. "Why does the school value the lives of guests more than those paying thousands of dollars to attend the university?"

"If a black man had walked around like this dozens of Police would have been called and he would have been shot dead on the spot".

"It is a bad a** picture", said Bennett.

Bennett said in a tweet that now that she has graduated, she is allowed to carry a gun on campus. All because of my photo with a rifle promoting my right to defend myself. She posted screenshots of her exchange with an aggravated Twitter user who appeared to threatened her physically. He said, "After graduation, she joined the ranks of our proud graduates".

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