State may gamble on sports betting

By Sinéad Carew

By Sinéad Carew

The decision - which reversed opinions by lower courts - means states may legalize and operate betting on professional and college sports.

As that preparation gave way to this week's new reality, team owners and league officials reacted with optimism and a touch of caution.

"Today's result was not unexpected", Major League Baseball vice president and deputy general counsel Bryan Seeley said in a phone conversation.

USA states and companies are jostling to be the first to allow punters to try their luck on everything from the Super Bowl to the "March Madness" college basketball tournament. "Sports betting has always been a black-market activity that many engage in; however, now that there is the option for legalized wagering, many states can bring jobs and tax revenue that weren't previously possible".

During a conference call with reporters, DraftKings CEO Jason Robins said there had been preliminary discussions with MA officials. Some estimates have put it at as much as $150bn per year.

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban appears confident that Monday's Supreme Court decision to strike down a federal sports betting ban will help the game of poker.

Notwithstanding arguments over federalism and at which level of government gambling policy should be set, Gentile said it is understandable that people would be concerned about whether betting would infect sports.

On this day, Kevin Olson and Josh Sturm are on a guys' trip, mostly to play cards and golf. However, some cash-strapped states may consider moving forward with legalized sports betting to generate much-needed revenue.

Any other event for which the sports pool requests and receives approval by the Nevada Gaming Commission and Gaming Control Board.

That in itself doesn't mean a whole lot for certain states.

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"The atmosphere around sports betting and watching games in the casinos in Nevada is so deeply engrained that it will always have a deep chunk of the market", Duru said.

"We're looking at it from the vantage point of we're going to provide the services the same as we have previously, however there will be more attention that we're looking to bring to the area of sports and sports gambling", said Alia Lucas, Program Specialist in MDHHS" Gambling Disorder Prevention and Treatment Services Section.

"But it will likely be affiliated with those three gambling towns and the casinos that already exist in those towns", O'Keefe.

"If it's been going on as long as it has in Vegas and in every's been part of our culture", Chicago Cubs Manager Joe Maddon told reporters Monday.

"I think it's exciting to go", explained Giancini. "I think it's too early to make any definitive comments about it, but it's definitely something I know we'll talk about".

The rules still require you to be within Nevada's state borders to bet with your Nevada-based mobile app. Geolocation tracking will make sure you do. Scoreboards could post live odds next to runs, hits and errors.

No matter how they made a decision to tax it, that is going to amount to a lot of money many states could really use.

"I think it further marginalizes racing in the competitive gambling market, and that's not good", he said via email on Tuesday.

The NHL similarly acknowledged the momentous potential for change. Former Gov. Chris Christie took the fight to the Supreme Court, arguing that PASPA was unconstitutional because it violated the Tenth Amendment's decree reserving powers for the states that aren't designated to the United States by the Constitution. "We look at this as an amenity that we can offer our customers". Besides, they say, people come to Las Vegas for more than that. Concerning the debate over a federal versus state-by-state regulatory framework approach, I will give the last opinions on the topic to USA gambling industry experts Robert DellaFave and Michelle Minton, with the former ironically stating that "The dinosaurs must have their day", and the latter not mincing her words by tweeting "Can't imagine this has any better than a snowball's chance in hell". The first regular season National Football League game is September 6. Even in Nevada, legal sports getting accounts for just a fraction of revenue generate by casinos operating there.

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