US Senate backs effort to restore 'net neutrality' rules

Senate keeps net neutrality alive with a 52-47 vote next stop the House

The US Senate votes in favour of restoring the FCC's net-neutrality rules

While the majority of Democrats are for retaining net neutrality and Republicans err more towards repealing the rules, the issue is not totally clear-cut across party lines and general consumer sentiment in the states is also moving against the FCC.

Still, Democrats are already using their messaging in campaign material. However, after the FCC voted to repeal the regulation a year ago, the rules could be scrapped as soon as next month.

The repeal is scheduled to take effect June 11.

Markey said he expects to see more Republican members of the House come out in favor of net neutrality following the vote.

But, for now, net neutrality lives.

"It's typical of how Republicans have used their total control of Washington: Increase costs on Americans who actually work for a living while giving more breaks to the rich, well-connected special interests they care about".

In December 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal the 2015 Open Internet Order, which the D.C. Circuit Court upheld in 2016.

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"Net neutrality is critical to maintaining a free and open internet, and I'm thrilled that the Senate passed this bipartisan resolution to restore these protections today", said Senator Shaheen. Susan Collins of Maine, John Kennedy of Louisiana and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should provide equal access to all applications, content, platforms, and websites, and can not discriminate against content or content providers by making certain web page, applications, or videos load faster or slower than others. The CRA allows Congress to reverse recent decisions made by government agencies. "This is a huge momentum creator, especially with three Republican votes". It will then need the support of every Democrat and 22 Republicans.

The regulations are strongly supported by liberals and online companies including Amazon, Netflix, Facebook and Google, and dozens of smaller Web-based companies. Senator Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader, said in a speech before the vote to get in touch with Republican senator. Democrats think the fight to restore the rules could be a political victor during November's congressional midterm elections even if the effort is unsuccessful, as it will force Republicans to record a vote against reinstating the rules.

Democrats argued the new FCC rules give too much power to internet service providers, which they fear will throttle down speeds for some websites and services while ramping it up for others who pay more.

Even if the resolution fails, many states, including California and NY, are doing all they can to fight back against the FCC's decision with their own net neutrality proposals.

Fox Business and One American News Network, a decidedly pro-Trump outlet known for pushing conspiracy theories, aired full reports of the net neutrality vote.

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