"Whitney" Trailer Premieres Ahead Of Its Cannes Film Festival Debut

Whitney Houston Queen. AP

Whitney Houston Queen. AP

The highly-anticipated documentary directed by Kevin Macdonald will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday and features insights from the music world's biggest players and her inner circle of family and friends.

Some of the people who sat down for interviews include Houston's ex-husband Bobby Brown, Arista Records founder Clive Davis (who discovered her), and Kevin Costner with whom she co-starred in The Bodyguard.

In the trailer, a clip of Houston making a snide remark about Paula Abdul singing off-key captures a casual harshness familiar to all. Macdonald has considerably more access to Houston's family and friends than other documentarians have had, but some topics are clearly still hard for them to discuss: While on camera, ex-husband Bobby Brown refuses to talk about Houston's late-in-life drug problems, and though the singer's friends confirm that she was romantically involved with her assistant Robyn Crawford, Houston's family members so loathe Crawford that they only will call her an evil opportunist.

The first official trailer for Whitney has arrived and it's packed with information about the late, great, icon, Whitney Houston.

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"He wanted to be on the stage". And I thought that was a very odd thing, and it kind of reminded me of people I'd seen who had suffered from abuse, just in their body language and their sense of holding something back. and then somebody mentioned it off-camera to me. "He wanted to be in the forefront, and eventually she stepped down to lift him up".

But Miss Houston never told her mother Cissy Houston about the alleged abuse because she "was ashamed", according to her aunt. "Paula Abdul ain't shit", Houston says.

Whitney Houston broke more music industry records than any other female singer in history. "And then Nicole sent me this article about Whitney's rendition of 'The Star-Spangled Banner" and how that changed how the song has been understood and sung ever since", he said.

Get all your Whitney-related questions answered when the film hits theaters July 6. Watch the trailer below!

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