Zuckerberg agrees to European parliament meeting

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"Our citizens deserve a full and detailed explanation", Tajani said in a statement posted on Twitter.

European Union justice commissioner Vera Jourova, who is in charge of the bloc's new privacy rules, welcomed Zuckerberg's decision to travel to Brussels in person, but said she regretted the meeting will happen behind closed doors.

The Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament will meet on May 22 with Zuckerberg to discuss the use of personal data of Facebook users, after which Tajani will inform media of the discussions.

The entrepreneur will answer questions about the way it handled and shared the personal data of its users following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg will appear before the European parliament, says its president Antonio Tajani.

However, there are some Parliamentary members who are unhappy that the meeting will be behind closed doors.

The committee tweeted that it remained open to Zuckerberg giving evidence via video link, or in person, adding: "Him not appearing before us is not just a snub to the DCMS committee, but more importantly a snub to the United Kingdom and the millions of Facebook users in the United Kingdom who deserve answers".

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Zuckerberg's trip across the pond to visit Europe comes ahead of the implementation of the EU's data protection regulation. "Sorry that this is not a public hearing",- said Yurov.

He said the appearance could be as early as next week, and would be "a step in the right direction to restore trust".

Zuckerberg has so far declined to appear, to the British lawmakers' annoyance.

The revelations that the data of some 87 million Facebook users and their friends may have been misused by the consulting firm that worked on Donald Trump's U.S. presidential campaign, has been called a game changer in the world of data protection as regulators seek to raise awareness about how to secure information.

There seems to be no end to the Cambridge Analytica controversy for Facebook.

"We are glad that Alexander Nix has accepted our summons". Collins warned Zuckerberg last month that if he does not come voluntarily, he could be issued a formal summons, which would force him to appear before the parliament when he next enters the United Kingdom.

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