Kumaraswamy attacks BJP, says JDS MLAs being offered Rs 100 Cr each

Illustration Uday Deb

Illustration Uday Deb

In a floor test, the Speaker of the House would play a crucial role. He says that for the development of the state he had to take this decision.

The BJP, on the other hand, is eight seats short of the 112-halfway mark needed for a simple majority.

"I appealed to the people to vote for my party to save the State, but people did not understand the message" he added.

Both JDS-Congress combine and BJP had staked claim to form the government after a fractured verdict in the assembly elections. While some invoke the Goa case of 2017, where the governor invited the BJP despite Congress being the single largest party, to argue that the same principle should be applied here, the fact is that in Karnataka, the claim of the Congress and the JD (S) is on an even higher pedestal.

At the same time, Congress and JD (S) MLAs have been protesting at the Gandhi Statue at the Vidhan Soudha premises.

Mamata Banerjee congratulated HD Deve Gowda soon after the Congress announced its unconditional support to JDS.

Even as the JD (S) LP was under way, two MLA elects - Raja Venktappa Naik and Appajirao Nadagouda - could not reach the venue on time, triggering speculation that they had switched sides, reminding people of Operation Kamala in 2008. The BJP has, as of now, 105 MLAs, including the independent candidate who gave support to the party.

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The apex court, which commenced the hearing at 2.11 AM and ended at 5.28 AM, however made it clear that the swearing-in and the government formation in the state would be subject to the final outcome of the case before it.

Under a rotational chief ministership arrangement, Kumaraswamy became the chief minister and Yeddyurappa his deputy. Over an hour into the hearing, the bench said that unless it sees BJP's letter, it would not know what kind of majority it has.

The Supreme Court said that it can't overturn the decision of the Governor without seeing on what basis the BJP had claimed to have the numbers.

A hardboiled RSS Swayamsevak, 75-year-old Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yeddyurappa, joined the Hindu right organisation when he was barely 15, and cut his political teeth in the Jana Sangh, the BJP's forerunner, in his hometown Shikaripura in Shivamogga district.

In its midnight legal push, the Congress and JD (S) approached the Supreme Court seeking an immediate intervention by the chief justice to stay the move, which it termed as an "encounter of the Constitution".

Modi wants to secure Karnataka to keep his momentum going in the run-up to the general election. Indeed we were all invited to applaud as Bharatiya Janata Party mangers used every trick in their armoury, including money power and the presence of "their" governors, to wrest control of Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Goa.

He also cited the fall in Congress tally from 122 in 2013 to 78 seats this time and said his party's number stood at 104 seats, suggesting that the BJP has the mandate to form the government. The role of regional parties is very important, and the Congress should try to take all opposition, all regional parties..., into confidence and go for an alliance. To the BJP, Karnataka is the gateway to South India.

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