Major Melbourne Airport security breach as furious passenger tries to board plane

Man tries to force his way onto plane injures 3 ground staff


The man then started smoking inside the airport terminal and at about 9.30am he rushed to the nearest gate where he pushed past staff and ran onto the tarmac.

A tardy passenger was arrested after he tried to break into a departing flight at Melbourne Airport Thursday morning.

The extraordinary scenes unfolded today after the traveller missed his flight and attempted to forcefully enter another plane that was preparing for take off.

It turns out that the man's air rage was woefully misdirected - the plane he launched his assault on was actually headed to Sydney.

The man made it past crew after assaulting multiple Jetstar employees, then tried prying open the door to a Sydney-bound aircraft.

Video footage obtained by 9News shows the man try to open the door several times, becoming increasingly flustered with each forcible attempt.

"We were sitting waiting to get on the flight and people went 'Oh my god, what is going on?'" witness Susannah told Channel 9 News. "This man was attempting to rise up the steps, he was bodily preventing with the employees, punching and scratching them".

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The man has now been banned from travelling on the airline and on Qantas.

A Jetstar spokeswoman told The West Online that its baggage handlers, went above and beyond to restrain the man.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers took the person into custody, and have since charged him with one depend of illegal assault of an airline worker.

Police then showed up and escorted the bearded and tattooed man, who had greying hair and was wearing a dark sweater, back through the airport.

The alleged attack resulted in two Jetstar employees being left with physical injuries.

"This behavior is unacceptable and we have placed an immediate ban on this passenger traveling on all Jetstar and Qantas flights", the spokesperson said.

An airport worker stands in front of a Jetstar passenger plane at Avalon Airport in Melbourne in this March 19, 2010 file photo.

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