Netflix's 85% Of New Spending Will Be On Original Shows And Movies

Netflix Content Investment vs Subscriber Growth

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As previously reported, Netflix has budgeted eight billion dollars for original content in 2018, which includes films and TV shows.

The aggressive strategy is aimed in part at addressing complaints that the service's movie library is stale, an issue likely to be exacerbated by Walt Disney's decision to stop supplying Netflix with new films for its US customers in 2019. The streaming company says that over 90% of Netflix subscribers watch original programming regularly.

According to a report from Variety, Netflix will have 1,000 original shows and movies, total, available on the streaming service by the end of 2018.

Having more of its own films is paying off, Netflix said. "The way we can secure these shows is by having a great reputation with talent, having a brand people want to be associated with, and a good track record of delivering", Sarandos said while also acknowledging the changing dynamic of the market.

The subscription-streaming leader has pegged its content spending for 2018 to be up to $8 billion.

Additionally, Netflix indicated that it still plans on releasing more big-budget films like Bright, featuring Will Smith.

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That averages at around 9 million viewers per film. Eight or more of the movies will be in Spanish.

Netflix plans on producing and purchasing movies from several genres, including teen dramas sci-fi adventure and horror.

While we all love the rise of streaming services for giving us a place to remember how much we love shows that are no longer on the air, Netflix has been creating some truly awesome original shows and movies.

"The creators we're talking to, they watch Netflix and they want to be on our network", said the CCO.

Further, Netflix plans on releasing at least 17 Netflix films in languages other than English, which include French, Arabic, Japanese, Hungarian and Russian, such as R-rated French film, Young and handsome.

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