Solar-powered iPhone X 'Tesla' costs $4500

Elon Musk received the first Russian self charging iPhone X

iPhone X luxury battery case with integrated solar panel hits market, but costs 4x phone price

But Caviar, a company in Russian Federation, has jumped ahead of both companies by announcing the sale of their new "iPhone X Tesla" that can be charged entirely with sunlight, according to a recent press release. According to AppleInsider, the phone that was first announced in November 2017 and it will include a big solar panel on the back feeds into a dedicated battery, which can provide charge to the iPhone X's battery with a press of the power button on the rear. The Moscow-based firm says that its work was inspired by Elon Musk's "innovative developments" and that the first version of the phone-out of a run of 999-is meant to be sent to the billionaire Tesla and Space X CEO.

"It is easy to imagine this phone in the hands of the astronauts, pioneers, people who make great discoveries on the edge of human capabilities", it added.

The smartphone is significantly thicker than its iPhone X counterpart, coming in at a whopping 16.2mm thickness, as opposed to the 7.7mm size of the average Apple device. The company is selling the 64GB version of the phone with the hefty case at a hefty price of $4,555 (The 256GB version is priced at $4,805).

The new iPhone X Tesla is even more expensive than Caviar's gold engraved iPhone editions but possibly more functional, assuming the solar panels work as promised and the iPhone isn't constantly in a pocket.

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The company said high demand prompted them to increase the initial run order from 99 units to just under a thousand units. For most consumers, it got onto a level of impracticality.

Russian company Caviar is known for introducing some really interesting iPhone cases. Caviar explains the company was inspired by "three men of science", consisting of Nikola Tesla, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and Musk.

The Caviar iPhone X Tesla is available in two models, 64 GB and 256 GB, costing 284,000 rubles ($4,594) and 299,000 rubles ($4,836) respectively.

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