United States exit from Iran deal could trigger instability: Putin

Putin warns of financial crisis the world ‘has not yet seen

A Chinese container ship docked at the Port of Oakland

Macron's aides insist he is not cozying up to Putin, or seeking to pivot away from France's longstanding alliance with the U.S.in favour of one with Russian Federation and China.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday rejected allegations that his government had backed the Catalan independence movement a year ago, reported Efe.

Earlier in the day, speaking at an annual economic forum, Putin sharply criticized Trump's decision to pull out of the Iranian nuclear deal, saying it could trigger unsafe instability. "Do we want another problem on the same scale?"

Speaking at a question-and-answer session in front of an audience of business executives and Russian officials, Putin said the us withdrawal was damaging and counter-productive.

But 'breaking the rules is becoming the rule, ' Putin said in an apparent jab at Trump, who has abandoned a Pacific free trade deal and forced a renegotiation of the USA pact with Canada and Mexico.

Putin made the remarks during an economic forum in St. Petersburg that was also broadcast on state TV.

On the economic front, Mr. Putin expressed his satisfaction with the current momentum of bilateral trade relations.

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"Well, we Russians are not scared of anything You know sanctions can have positive impact as well".

Accompanied by his wife Brigitte, Macron is set to meet Putin on Thursday at the Constantine Palace outside St. Petersburg, a former royal summer retreat whose magnificent gardens open out onto the Baltic Sea.

"This is now my second term in a row", the Russian leader said.

The Russian leader pointed to the presence of large numbers of foreign executives at the event as evidence that the US sanctions were failing to achieve their aim. Macron responded on a serious note that France and its allies could stand for themselves.

Macron met Putin seeking to win concessions on Syria, Iran and Ukraine after returning largely empty-handed from a state visit to the United States.

In a short statement, the Prime Minister's Office said that Dr Mahathir received a phone call from Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at 11.45am today.

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