NBA Finals 2018: Warriors vs Cavaliers

Las Vegas has some historically high expectations for Le Bron James in Game 7. More

Las Vegas has some historically high expectations for Le Bron James in Game 7. More

Unlike previous year, where they ran through the Western Conference without suffering a single loss, it took them seven games to beat the Houston Rockets in the Conference Finals.

Green and Durant were barking at each other several times during the game when things weren't going well for the Warriors.

The Warriors had 10 turnovers, and not just because they were sloppy with the ball.

Whichever team comes out of the west, they'll be heavy favourites against the Cavs but James is on a mission and won't go down without a fight.

How can something be so predictable be so stunning?

The Celtics came within 12 minutes of an NBA Finals berth, but the C's eventually fell in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday night 87-79.

The Warriors came from behind in the second half to beat the Rockets by 9 Monday night, winning 101-92.

Cleveland and Golden State will meet for the fourth straight year in the NBA Finals, the Warriors looking for a third championship in that span and LeBron James and the Cavaliers trying to wrestle the crown away just as they did in the 2016 series.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr informed reporters of Iguodala's absence in the series finale on Monday during shootaround. "I didn't recognize the group we were seeing".

The Celtics have had more time to get used to their injuries: Gordon Hayward has been out since the first game of the season, and Kyrie Irving has been sidelined since March. In 2017, Golden State reclaimed the title. This season was no cakewalk for them, either.

Kevin Love has played in 3 after missing a majority of the 2014-15 playoffs wherein he suffered a shoulder injury that required surgery. They went 0-for-14 in the third quarter alone. It was the largest halftime deficit ever overcome in Game 7 by a road team. James didn't look very pleased (and borderline shocked) with the bump, but Tatum said he meant no disrespect by it after the game. He averaged 26.7 points on 38 percent shooting from the floor, including 20 from beyond the arc, over the final six games.

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When do the 2018 NBA Finals start?

After the game, The Associated Press reports: Stephen Curry said someone asked him if it's still special to get to the finals when it's the fourth time in a row.

The Rockets missed 27 straight 3-pointers between the second and fourth quarters, an National Basketball Association playoff record - exhausted legs resulted in clanged rims and the transition opportunities for the Warriors. Elie played with the Houston Rockets from 1993 until 1998.

It's not the one they want.

It's easy to say in retrospect that the Rockets were sitting ducks.

To the Warriors, though, it was an even closer series than that. They knew it was coming, and yet some in the locker room couldn't fathom the turnaround would happen that fast.

On one side, the best team of this era. "I guess this is the last chapter for our team in this season". Coach Kerr told us that might have been the worst offensive half we had all year yet we're only down 11 points, so we were actually encouraged, believe it or not. He rendered it - as awful as it was - irrelevant.

He did in the second half.

"Character builder", Livingston said of Durant's performance. "I just know he's built for stardom". But you gotta keep your spirit right.

"It tests you, it tests your emotion, your energy, your spirit".

"We've been through a lot with this team", Warriors guard Klay Thompson said. "I'm glad he stayed with it".

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