SpaceX Launches Satellite for SES in Its 11th Mission This Year

SpaceX launch How to watch Falcon 9 rocket launch

GETTYSpaceX launch How to watch Falcon 9 rocket launch

SpaceX has successfully launched a satellite using a pre-flown rocket yet again. The satellite will be deployed roughly 32 minutes after liftoff.

The National Weather Service had predicted decent weather for the launch with only a 20 percent chance of rain, with gusts as high as 18 to 20 miles per hour and sky cover of about 50 percent in the Titusville area.

The Falcon 9's first stage had supported the OTV-5 mission in September 2017, according to a SpaceX press kit.

Elon Musk's SpaceX announced back in February a year ago that, in late 2018, it would fly two paying space tourists around the Moon and back to Earth. Mr. Steven hasn't succeeded to date, but it has come close.

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The plan was for the tourists to fly on a Dragon Crew spacecraft launched from Earth by a Falcon Heavy rocket.

The other vehicles SpaceX is flying or developing are resuable, too.

And the BFR - the giant rocket-spaceship duo SpaceX is developing to get people to Mars, launch satellites, clean up space junk and carry passengers on superfast trips around Earth - is created to be fully reusable.

The goal of the launch is for the SES-12 spacecraft to reach geostationary orbit. The client there was the satellite operator SES, with the payload being set to deliver TV and data services to customers in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions.

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