NDP asks Ontario integrity commissioner to probe allegations against unregistered lobbyist, minister

The NDP's 'Proletariat Chariot' broke down on Highway 402 in 30 C heat on Wednesday afternoon

The NDP's 'Proletariat Chariot' broke down on Highway 402 in 30 C heat on Wednesday afternoon

"The tariffs on steel and aluminum exports imposed by (U.S. President Donald) Trump yesterday are completely unacceptable to me", Wynne said at a campaign event near Hamilton, one of Ontario's steel-producing cities.

Many Ontarians were surprised and confused by Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne's announcement on Saturday that she won't be premier after Thursday's election.

So, here we are in the 21st century and we are getting ready to vote in a provincial election on June 7.

"We do not know the state of the finances of Ontario, and anyone who tells you they know is lying", said Melissa lantsman, referring to the conclusion of the auditor General of the province that deficit projections of liberals underestimated.

True progressives must unite around the New Democrats this Thursday and I am disappointed that Wynne is trying to set herself up as the power behind the throne in a minority government.

Brenna Keatinge, a self-described "very progressive" Toronto resident in the normally Liberal riding of St Paul's, said she used to consider voting Liberal when the party seemed the only viable contender against the Conservatives.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was at the Pride flag raising ceremony in Toronto on Friday.

"That's going to sort itself out - people are going to make that decision ... it's going to be one or the other and let's make sure there are enough Liberals there that there isn't a blank cheque - that there's a check on a majority government".

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Wynne did plead with voters to support Liberal candidates in order to prevent a PC or NDP majority.

"It's not going to be a Liberal government", she told reporters in Toronto.

She would not endorse either party and would not say whether she will stay on as leader after June 7.

Omar Khan, a Liberal executive council member, said the party is now working on maintaining official party status.

"And the polluters, any companies that decide to pollute, we're going to come down heavy on them, we're going to come down really heavy on them".

The Liberal Party has been trailing a distant third in recent polls, and Wynne's popularity has been low. "But you better believe having more Liberals at Queen's Park to fend off whatever extreme policies a Doug Ford or an NDP government would bring forward, that's important".

Knowing now that people can vote differently from election to election, we've become more interested in what people's second-choice party is, assuming they have a first. People worry about what will happen to our economy if the NDP take power and form a majority government with nothing to hold them back.

It was just one day after the writ dropped that Kathleen Wynne made a campaign stop in Barrie.

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