What happened in every key primary race last night?

President Donald Trump speaking to the press at the White House in Washington DC

President Donald Trump speaking to the press at the White House in Washington DC

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. - TUESDAY, JUNE 5, 2018: California Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox addresses supporters at his California Primary election night party at the U.S. Grant Hotel in San Diego, Calif., on June 5, 2018.

Republican Kristi Noem won the GOP primary for governor Tuesday with 56 percent, and has a chance to become the state's first female gubernatorial leader.

Republican John Cox thinks high taxes, a high cost of living and a growing housing crisis give him an opening to take on Democrat Gavin Newsom in the fight to be California's next governor. Instead, the state adopted an "open primary" system, where voters all get the same ballots and the top two vote-getters advance no matter their party affiliation. Democrats like the environmental lawyer Mike Levin, who campaigned with a clean energy platform, emerged as legitimate challengers for traditionally safe Republican seats in Congress. Trump tweeted Wednesday, hailing what he called "the Trump impact".

By a whopping 25-point margin, voters say they're more likely to back a congressional candidate who promises to serve as a check on President Donald Trump. Neither party immediately appeared to suffer major setbacks. Yet the winners and losers in California's most competitive races could take days to sort out given the state's unique election laws. The public tends to sour on big infrastructure projects as they inevitably seem to go over budget, but California will need to build a lot of big things - new transmission lines, new forms of housing, new transit systems, new power plants - to get to a carbon-free future.

Cox responded in his own speech the same night: "It wasn't Donald Trump who made us the highest tax state in the country".

Other women candidates who won Tuesday night include Iowa Democrats Cindy Axne and Abby Finkenauer. Female Republican governors in Alabama and Iowa will vie for their first full terms in November after succeeding men who resigned.

There were 27 candidates looking to succeed Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, and more than two dozen looking to replace veteran US Senator Dianne Feinstein.

According to an a poll conducted last month by The Los Angeles Times and the University of Southern California, a slight majority of registered voters in California support repealing the tax, which will be on the ballot in November.

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Proponents in California said it would encourage more independent voters to participate in primaries and it would lead to more moderates winning elections, because candidates would not have to woo their liberal or conservative party extremes to win primaries.

Five months later, both the Democrat Obama and the Republican Reagan saw their respective parties lose a significant number of seats in the House of Representatives and Senate. They also said Republican candidates combined for more votes than Democrats in six of the seven competitive California congressional districts. The favorite of Washington Democrats will take on GOP Assemblyman Jay Webber in one of several New Jersey races Democrats view as possible pickups. If California voters don't elect more Democrats to Congress, it will be harder for the party to gain legislative control and "the Affordable Care Act will continue, as it has been, to be under attack from an empowered Republican majority", he said. If Grisham wins, she'll be the second Latina to become the state's executive, after Martinez.

Democrats and Republicans are both spinning the results.

Rep. David G. Valadao was another bright spot for Republicans. Ed Royce and Darrell Issa, and the district where Republican Dana Rohrabacher was facing challenges from the left and the right.

It was a different story in MS, where 66-year-old Gladys Cruz wasn't sure which Republican she would support in the state's Senate primary, but she wanted whoever won to firmly support Trump.

Also, Republicans were also concerned they might get shut out for the two big statewide offices - governor and U.S. Senate.

Republican Representative Mimi Walters easily advanced to the November election in her Orange County district that has been targeted by Democrats. "We anticipate really strong support in the general election as well".

Party members had been anxious they might get shut out of key House races. With the most electoral votes in the nation, the message is loud and clear.

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