Doug Ford is still vowing to scrap sex-ed curriculum

Doug Ford's Ontario PCs To Form Majority Government

Canada’s Trump: populist Doug Ford stuns with Ontario election win

The loss of that status is "one more indignity" to the Liberals as they try to rebuild following a devastating defeat that propelled the Progressive Conservatives to power for the first time in 15 years and elevated the New Democrats to the official Opposition, said Jonathan Malloy, a political science professor at Carleton University.

Ontario's lieutenant-governor met with Ford on Friday afternoon, inviting him to form government.

"This is incredible. My friends, this victory belongs to you".

At press time, the PCs had won or were leading in 71 ridings, an increase of 45 seats from 2014.

Doug Ford promised to fix Ontario.

Central Canada, Ontario and Quebec together, constitutes 70 per cent of Canada's economy, and "we have to maintain that influence", said Couillard.

Then in the waning days of the election, Ford family drama - that laid mostly dormant in the public sphere since the death of his brother, former Toronto mayor Rob Ford - burst onto the scene with a lawsuit from Rob Ford's widow alleging Doug Ford mishandled his brother's estate and destroyed the value of the family business.

"We worked right up to the last minute and we just appreciate everybody's support".

"We need to reconnect with each other now that the election is over and with our communities and use that same capacity that we have had for many, many years to rebuild", she said. Ford had spent the first few hours of the evening before the polls closed at his mother's home with his wife Karla, mother Diane and daughters watching the returns come in.

Premier-designate Doug Ford has selected a transition team and has already begun briefings on government activities and the decisions necessary to choose his Cabinet.

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In his victory speech, Ford thanked his brother.

He's the second son of Diane and Doug Ford Sr., a provincial politician for one term in the late 1990s.

The NDP, led by Andrea Horwath, secured 40 seats while the Liberals fell to an all-time low of seven seats. "We owe so much to Rob's legacy".

Canadian prime minister and Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau released a statement following Ford's win, offering him his "sincere congratulations".

"You believed climate change was real and that people cause it, so you better listen to the Green Party from Guelph about how we solve the climate crisis", Schreiner told a cheering crowd in his riding.

Wynne admitted last weekend that her party would lose the election, but urged supporters to vote for her candidates to prevent her rivals from winning a majority. Most of the Grit MPPs left standing, shell-shocked as they may be, were recruited during Wynne's tenure - and they still feel substantial personal loyalty to and fondness for her, and agree with her vision of the party.

"I don't really see why the NDP would want to give anything to the Liberals now...memories are long in politics", Malloy said.

Wynne, Ontario's first female premier, said she would "absolutely" recommend the job to little girls, despite the difficulties of the role.

"As Mayor, I have focused on building strong relationships and partnerships with all levels of government that have led to historic investments". "I will be working with my team to fulfill my campaign commitments and deliver change for the people".

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