India seeks Facebook's response over reports of data sharing without consent

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

It states also that the Northern District is where Menlo, Park, California-based Facebook is headquartered, and that Judge Vince Chhabria in San Francisco "who is presiding over nearly half of the pending actions is an experienced transferee judge who can steer this litigation on a prudent course".

That's what Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie said in front of a Canadian parliamentary committee, in response to a question from our community about the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Mr Nix warned MPs his answers would be constrained by the fact he is facing investigation by authorities in the United Kingdom and USA over CA's alleged involvement in the misuse of Facebook users' data. Cambridge Analytica played a key role in the Donald Trump presidential campaign and lawmakers on both sides of the Atlantic are conducting investigations into whether the billionaire was elected on the back of information from the social media giant.

But he defended the now-defunct consultancy's reputation and said he felt victimised.

USA military service member killed in Somalia attack
A US Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) came under attack today in the Bar-Sanguni area near Kismayo in Somalia. A US Department of Defense (DoD) representative confirmed to AFP that one American soldier was killed and four were wounded.

Facebook said Kogan then violated its policies by passing the data to Cambridge Analytica.

Reversing a statement given in February to British MPs, Mr Nix conceded that Cambridge Analytica did receive data from the researcher at the centre of the scandal. Nix admitted to that he had made the exaggerated claims in order to attract what he thought was a potential client. Nix said he should have said "yes" but that his "focus was on whether we still held the data from GSR, which was the issue Facebook had been most concerned about".

"Obviously all of these were recorded and they were condensed to maybe six or seven minutes of footage and even those minutes of footage were heavily edited to portray the worst possible picture of the company and myself and my colleagues". 'All Mr Nix's comments carried in our reports were used in context, including any caveats, ' the broadcaster said in a statement. But he insisted he was entrapped by unscrupulous, undercover journalists from Channel 4 News - a claim the news organization rejected.

He said: "I wasn't aware of it, I didn't know that Britanny Kaiser had been to the embassy". At the session, Nix denied that he had withdrawn the money.

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