Just Cause 4 Accidentally Leaked Ahead of its Reveal

Just Cause 4 accidentally shows up on Steam storefront

Just Cause 4 announcement leaked via Steam

Valve's very own game distribution platform, Steam, has up a listing for Avalanche Studios' Just Cause 4.

Clicking the image leads to the game's still-hidden Steam page. The over-the-top action/adventure game leaked thanks to an advertisement on Steam tonight but as of right now, there are zero details as to what the game is about or where it'll be set. Today, Steam suffered from a slightly embarrassing situation where the company accidentally leaked Just Cause 4.

Just Cause publisher Square Enix is likely planning to make the official announcement during its E3 2018 press conference on June 11.

We reviewed Just Cause 3 on PS4 back in January 2016 following its launch in December 2015.

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The other odd thing about Just Cause 4 is that it means Swedish developer Avalanche Studios now has three games on the go. We should expect more of the same from Just Cause 4, only bigger and better looking I imagine.

However, if you remember Just Cause 3 facing several issues after release and we do hope that Just Cause 4 will not be buggy like it's predecessor.

I'm sure Generation Zero and Just Cause 4 will be shown off extensively in Los Angeles next week.

Citing people familiar with the matter, British freelance video game journalist Jim Sterling reported Square was "convinced" that the age of console gaming was coming to an end along with other video game publishers.

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