Larry Page-funded Kitty Hawk shows off single-seat flying machine

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Larry Page-funded Kitty Hawk shows off single-seat flying machine

However, the craft that was recently unveiled-not too long after the Larry Page-backed company caused a stir last month when it revealed its Cora flying taxi-looks light-years ahead of the original example, mostly due to its sleek new bodywork and rows of propellers (10 in total) mounted on top of struts that extended from the vehicle.

Kitty Hawk's other model, the Cora, is a two-seat vehicle designed as alternative transportation in cities.

A company in Las Vegas is hoping to make the flying vehicle a product of the future.

Initially focused on personal recreation, the small aircraft has a wingspan of 13 feet and takes off vertically (VTOL) via 10 independent lift fans.

Piloting Kitty Hawk is as easy as playing the video game Minecraft, chief executive Sebastian Thrun said in published reports.

An early version of Flyer was shown off previous year.

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A flying auto project has unveiled a model that can be taken for test flights by potential buyers.

"Our immediate priority is to invite small groups of people - customers, influencers, media and community members - to experience the freedom of flight here in our newly opened training facility". Its sale price has not made been made public yet. This enables it to complete a vertical take-off and landing like a helicopter.

Kitty Hawk said that at 15 meters (50 feet) away, it sounded about as lound as a lawn mower, while from 250 feet away the volume was on par with a loud conversation.

The uncovered cockpit appeared big enough for one person, with their head poking out as it might from a go-kart.

The company says the vehicle is created to flown for recreational purposes over water and uncongested areas. Startup Kitty Hawk is ready to make that dream a reality with the Flyer, a new all-electric ultralight plane.

Several other flying vehicle models are also being tested, with Uber and other companies expressing interest, according to the report.

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