Voter Turnout in Sacramento, San Joaquin Counties Mostly by Mail

In a handful of California counties polling places are giving way to a sweeping new election system

Returning offices ready for election day

Statewide results: This will open a new browser tab and take you to the California Secretary of State's election site for the latest statewide results for primary contests for California governor, lieutenant governor and other state offices, U.S. Senate and U.S. House, state Senate and Assembly races and state ballot measures.

As of Thursday afternoon, the county election office had received more than 86,000 ballots out of 166,592 registered voters, a almost 52 percent voter turnout, and the office will likely receive more mail-in ballots on Friday to add to the count (if they were postmarked by Election Day).

Voters may also return their ballot through the U.S. Postal Service, but voters should make to mail their ballot in enough time for delivery to the Clerk's Office before the deadline of 7:00 p.m. on Election Day, June 26th. Get the full story in the video above.

According to ABC 10, voters will be using Premier TSX Voting System. Together, our one vote counts. The office reported it also had about 3,000 provisional ballots and more than 650 miscellaneous ballots to review.

Taking advantage of the mail-in voting process is excellent insurance against something unexpected happening on Election Day.

"Anyone who thinks they can vote twice because they got two ballots, they need to think again", she said.

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For races like the Sacramento County Sheriff's election, in which incumbent Scott Jones is holding onto a 53 percent lead over his challengers, the new 226,000 votes may very well force him under 50 percent and into a November runoff with either Donna Cox or Milo Fitch.

Jarboe says this year's voting centers are different from years past. When people vote, they join a collective potentially making a change in society by electing a capable leader. A voter may request an absentee application and ballot at or by contacting the Barnwell County Voter Registration and Election Office (367 Fuldner Road, Barnwell), which will be open on Saturday, June 9 from 9 1 p.m. Your assigned polling station will be listed on your voter's card.

One of the biggest races this year is for the 2nd Congressional District seat, which is now held by Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo.

However, Dubroff says it's hard to pinpoint exactly what drives people to the polls. "I mean how many people are voting that shouldn't be voting?" he said. "Any particular outreach effort, we're not really privy to that".

"He sent us his son's comments: 'This was my first time voting and it felt pretty good because I knew who I wanted to vote for and I was confident".

A polling station at the parallel election through Student Vote at East York Collegiate.

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