EA Play 2018: Anthem release date and gameplay details announced

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								 Anthem Gets Release Date and Some Co Op Gameplay		Not as much being shown off as one would hope

Video 22 Hours Ago by Jason Love 0 Anthem Gets Release Date and Some Co Op Gameplay Not as much being shown off as one would hope

The news comes via Game Informer, which published a video interview of 123 rapid-fire questions with executive producer Mark Darrah during EA's conference.

During today's explosive EA Play 2018 announcement, Anthem took center stage, with an enormous chunk of new footage surrounding BioWare's upcoming title.

While it is not impossible to play alone, solo has been described as potentially more hard without the full four person team. Anthem was delayed into 2019, allegedly due to development pressures. It's shaping up to be exactly what I'm looking forward too.

While it looks similar to Destiny in being an open-world shooter where you roam, find objectives and gather loot, they stressed how a big draw was combining four-player co-op with classic BioWare-style conversation trees and big choices - so hopefully we'll see more of that side soon. "It gives us an opportunity to drop in an event that changes the game play for everyone".

Now that we've had a closer look at Anthem, Electronic Arts has unveiled the game's preorder bonuses and special edition.

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To stop them you'll be able to take control of one of four Javelin power armors.

Then came the not so secret news that Battlefield would be following the trend of 2018 and releasing a Battle Royale mode after launch.

The world has been described as highly unsafe, with storms, monstrous creatures, and a deadly environment that requires the Javelin, a suit of highly protective powered armor. The javelins will have customizable gear, which will affect the gameplay, and some visual options to add as well. With its October 19 launch date looming, we're bound to finally see some live gameplay at E3. The BioWare fan also wanted to know why co-op seems to be such a significant focus of the game's marketing so far if co-op gameplay is actually optional and the game can be enjoyed solo.

You'll be donning a Javelin exosuit as a Freelancer to venture out into the world to fight against The Dominion, a multitude of giant monsters, and other enemy factions.

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