EA's New BATTLEFIELD V Trailer Offers a Glimpse of Multiplayer

Battle Royale Mode Coming to ‘Battlefield V’ Multiplayer

'Battlefield V' hops on the battle royale bandwagon

With everyone and their cat vying for a piece of the battle royale genre, with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 including its own take, DICE has confirmed that Battlefield V will also be throwing its hat into the battle royale ring. Battlefield V changes that up in a big way with a new focus on resource scarcity.

E3 2018 coverage at Giant Bomb: Still more commentary and news from E3, from our colleagues at Giant Bomb. To kick off the annual presentation, EA showed gamers a new trailer for Battlefield V, which will bring players back into the trenches of World War II. Sadly, no details regarding this mode were revealed today, other than the developer saying that it will be true to the Battlefield formula. For example, players will be able to move fences and air-turrets around on the field, and they can even dive and crash through windows like action stars.

EA didn't reveal many details about Battlefield V's battle royale mode but it will ostensibly fall in line with the popular model set forth by PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite: Battle Royale in which a whole bunch of players enter a map and fight until there's only one player or squad left standing.

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He added that there is "lots of good energy" at DICE related to the new battle royale mode. Don't expect to hide from tanks in buildings, because they can just smash through them now. We also got a tease for it's upcoming Battle Royale mode as well.

Battlefield 5 will be available worldwide on October 19th.

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