Stormy Daniels Accuses Ex-Atty Of Being Trump’s 'Puppet'

Stormy Daniels Sues Ex-Lawyer She Says Was ‘Puppet’ for Trump, Cohen

Stormy Daniels Files Lawsuit Against Her Former Attorney

Melania Trump's spokeswoman took a firm stand after President Donald Trump's attorney and former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani claimed that the first lady sided with her husband on the Stormy Daniels controversy. Find out why here!

Giuliani, who represents Trump in the special counsel's probe of Russia's meddling in the 2016 election, questioned Daniels' character during an appearance in Israel earlier this week. "But I'm sorry, I don't respect a porn star the way I respect a career women or a women of substance or a woman who has great respect for herself as a women and as a person and isn't going to sell her body for sexual exploitation".

"It's not just her saying, 'I don't speak to Rudy Giuliani nor have I ever spoken to him about anything, '" Geist said. I even have to respect criminals.

"I respect women - lovely women and women with value - but a woman who sells her body for sexual exploitation, I don't respect", Giuliani said, The Hill reported. Secondly, explain to me how she can be damaged? This is certainly not the kind of talk the audience expected at political conference, and it's clear Melania wanted no parts of it either.

Davidson denied those claims and says Daniels wanted to appear on the show to bolster her popularity.

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If you ever want to endorse someone, maybe even someone who works for you, and come off as honest maybe try not to say, "You're great except for the fact you are you".

"He's basically stating that women that engage in the adult film industry and other forms of pornography don't have reputations and are not entitled to respect", Avenatti told CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360". "What I read is, 'Don't speak for me, Mr. Giuliani, especially when it comes to my marriage and what I believe my husband may or may not have done'".

"I think his statement is unsafe and dehumanizing to sex workers", said adult film actress Kimberly Kane, who has appeared in hundreds of films.

"That said, Attorney Davidson is very happy that he has filed this lawsuit because he strongly believes that the filing constitutes a full and complete waiver of the attorney-client privilege", said Mr Wedge in a statement. Davidson also responded to that suit on Thursday, rejecting her claim that he was not looking out for her best interest and arguing that he helped the porn star accomplish "her stated goals of monetizing her reported 2007 sexual relationship with Donald Trump".

"These text messages show that the prior denials by Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen relating to what Mr. Trump knew and about the honesty of my client were absolute lies", Avenatti said in a statement. However, given some of the president's previous discussions about Ivanka and the fact that she works for his administration, it seems likely Giuliani meant Ivanka.

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