Homeowner’s association issued gator warning before attack in Davie

Florida homeowners warned over alligators two days before woman killed

Woman dragged into lake and killed by alligator while walking dogs

Shizuka Matsuki was dragged into a lake in Davie as she walked her dogs on Friday, and her body was found hours later.

The only sign that the 47-year-old woman had ever been there Friday morning, June 8, were the dogs, now alone and barking near the water, refusing to leave.

The woman, Shizuka Matsuki, was attacked by a 12-foot, 6-inch alligator when she was walking in the Silver Lakes Rotary Nature Park in south Florida. The witness told police the woman was gone the next time she looked, but the dogs were still there, the TV station said.

The Isla del Sol Homeowners Association in Plantation, Florida, sent an email alert to residents Wednesday, urging them "to exercise caution with our families and pets, mindful that alligators, snakes and other wildlife may be in the area".

According to the Daily Mail, Jim Borrelli, a friend of Matsuki, said that she and her husband did not live in that particular neighborhood, but they had walked their dogs there before as they were always looking for different places take their dogs on walks. Matsuki's dog was also injured, with a "gash" on its side that was consistent with an alligator bite.

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It's unclear if Matsuki ever received or read that message, or if it had encouraged her to put her dogs in the vehicle and take them for a walk at a spot farther from home. "She probably thought that Lake was safer alternative, after so many gators have been showing up around here lately", neighbor Nate Fischer posted on Facebook.

Jeff Polhman, Davie's Assistant Director of Parks, said to the newspaper that trappers had been hired within the last 18-24 months in a bid to capture the alligator, but they had not had any success.

A passerby saw Matsuki's with her dogs near the shoreline about 9:45 a.m. Friday, police said.

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife, the state has averaged five unprovoked alligator bites yearly since 1948.

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