MoJ loses minister Phillip Lee in Brexit row

Theresa May addresses the final news conference of the G7 summit in Quebec Canada

UK Labour MPs Worried by Govt's EEA Deal With EU - Frontbencher

On Wednesday, it will debate an amendment instructing the government to negotiate a customs union with the EU.

He has also urged Conservative pro-Remain MPs to "change the course of Brexit" and vote accordingly on a series of upcoming crunch votes in the lower house of parliament.

However, anti-Brexit Tory MP Dr. Phillip Lee was unconvinced, resigning from his government job as a Justice Minister and publicly attacking the Prime Minister at the 1922 meeting.

May, who lost her party's majority at an ill-judged election previous year, made a last-ditch appeal to lawmakers on Monday and Davis sent a letter making the same case - vote against the government and risk tying Britain's hands in the Brexit talks.

One of the key points of difference between the Prime Minister and the rebels is a Lords amendment which states the Government must seek to negotiate a customs union with the EU.

"This isn't about narrow party politics", she told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

Senior pro-EU Conservative lawmaker Dominic Grieve tabled his own competing amendment which could force ministers to hand over control of its Brexit strategy to parliament if there is no deal by mid-February.

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Passing the withdrawal bill would be a "turning point" in the Brexit process, he told the BBC's Sunday Politics, as it would be the basis for a "smooth transition" after the United Kingdom leaves.

"The goal of the EU Withdrawal Bill is simple - it is putting EU legislation into law to ensure a smooth and orderly transition as we leave".

The Government is against the plan, believing it sends the wrong message to Brussels regarding the UK's negotiating goals. The government said it would not support that amendment.

It is expected that Tuesday will see MPs decide whether Parliament should have the power to set the Government's negotiating goals if Theresa May's deal with Brussels is voted down.

The speech will come on the eve of two days of debates and voting on amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill, which is scheduled to last 12 hours.

"There have been lots of meetings, we are keen to engage with all members of the parliamentary party", May's spokesman said.

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