People are already torching things they shouldn't with Elon Musk's flamethrowers

Flame on! Elon Musk says Boring Company delivers its first ‘Not-a-Flamethrowers’

Elon Musk and the Boring Company Deliver its First 'Not a Flamethrower' Flamethrowers

Musk was happily tweeting away from the so-called "pick-up party".

Crowds of ecstatic customers are busy picking up flamethrowers in Los Angeles as Elon Musk distributes the first thousand flamethrowers today that were ordered through The Boring Company.

What started as an online gag has turned into a marketing ploy worth millions - with the first 1,000 customers receiving the flamethrower - that promotes the Boring Co., Musk's endeavor to build underground transportation tunnels.

Elon Musk's Boring Company has gotten its $500 flamethrowers into the hands of consumers for the first time.

With 20,000 flamethrowers soon to be in circulation, expect more flame-throwing displays on social media. These flamethrowers alone raised $10 million in sales.

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Musk tweeted what he claimed was the terms and conditions for the machines, some of which he said are presented in the style of U.S. children's author Doctor Seuss. I will not point this at my spouse. "The best use is creme brulee ..." They sought to tighten up the state's regulations on flamethrowers, which now apply only to devices that emit flames going out farther than 10 feet.

Some customers are already trying to turn a profit on the device. An instruction manual for the gun is also on sale for $250. He has advertised the flamethrowers as "guaranteed to liven up any party", drawing a huge reaction online.

As of Monday morning there were a number of ads on eBay with "buy it now" prices listed as high as $20,000.

"Nothing makes your baby more zen than a few gentle puffs of a TBC Flamethrower", Musk Tweeted in the afternoon, raising some eyebrows and eliciting responses like: "America is terrifying", "this ends badly", "How is this legal?" And some see Musk's latest ploy as particularly reckless and insensitive. Look for more from Elon Musk and the Boring Company coming soon.

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