Prince George pictured playing with a toy gun and people aren't happy

Kate Middleton comforting Princess Charlotte

EPAThe Duchess of Cambridge gave Princess Charlotte a hug after her fall on the balcony

Prince George and Princess Charlotte had some fun in the sun as they cheered on their dad playing polo.

Images of four-year-old Prince George playing with a toy gun on Sunday caused outrage on social media.

She also played a game of tag with her older brother, Prince George.

George, dressed in beige shorts and a navy t-shirt, was pictured playing with a toy gun, toy knife and handcuffs. The pictures appear to show the boys pointing the guns at other members of the party.

Prince George kept Kate entertained.

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Twitter account Elegantroyals added: 'This was the only disappointing thing about today's polo match.

While sitting on the sidelines at the polo match, Princess Charlotte resourcefully used the grassy landscape to practice her headstands and show off some tumbling moves.

The match, which will see the Maserati team take on the Dhamani 1969 side, is part of the two-day Gloucestershire Festival of Polo, hosted by Beaufort Polo Club from 9th-10th June.

The family outing came just a day after the Trooping the Colour ceremony to mark the Queen's official birthday which was followed by a gathering of the royals on the Buckingham Palace balcony. Crowds assembled outside the palace lawns to watch the Trooping the Colour ceremony which saw several musicians, about a 1,000 soldiers march together and a stunning flypast by the Royal Air Force. He and Kate also spent time playing with a rainbow slinky. Her youngest child, Louis, was nowhere to be seen, leaving many to assume that he was being cared for at home by the children's nanny Maria. (It appears that George, who asked for a toy police vehicle for Christmas, is still very interested in law enforcement.) While it's not unusual whatsoever for kids to play pretend, some people are taking issue with Middleton for allowing him to play with a toy that looks so similar to a real-life gun.

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