Police sergeant rescues child from busy roadway

WATCH Jarring dashcam footage shows hero cop running to save toddler on side of very busy highway

Police officer lauded for saving toddler on Illinois highway (video)

The last comment heard in the dashcam footage is Mannino asking the child his name. Dash cam from Sergeant Anthony Mannino's patrol auto shows him plucking a toddler from harm's way in Naperville, Illinois last month.

A post on the Naperville Police Department's Facebook page says the incident occurred last month when the 1-year-old boy managed to slip out of his house.

The boy was teetering in and out of a lane of traffic as cars and trucks rushed by, prompting the officer to shout and run after him, according to the dash-cam video.

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Police said the child had left his mother's home before taking a run on the busy road. The Naperville, Illinois Police Department awarded Mannino for his life-saving actions.

"I have twin boys", he said. It was a heart-stopping moment when Sergeant Anthony Mannino, 24, spotted the young boy wandering onto Route 59, just inches away from speeding traffic.

Once Mannino stops his vehicle, he runs after the boy, shouting "come here".

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