Raccoon scales 23 floors up Minnesota building, grips nation in dramatic saga

Raccoon Scaling St. Paul Skyscraper Sets Off Social Media Firestorm

Raccoon Scales Minnesota Skyscraper, Captivating Anxious Viewers

The raccoon was stranded on the ledge of Town Square building near the skyway over 7th Street for two days, according to Minnesota Public Radio reporter Tim Nelson. "The raccoon!" And I thought, "Well, is there a raccoon in the building?" No.

Not prepared to take a hint, it headed to the neighboring UBS tower - one of the tallest buildings in the city.

Though the roof was ready with baited traps, the latest updates appear to show the raccoon descending the building after reaching as high as the 23rd floor.

A raccoon scaling a Minnesota skyscraper may be the most popular thing on the internet right now and it's putting many people in a Marvel state of mind - complete with Rocket Raccoon jokes.

Yes, because this is 2018 there was a Twitter stream dedicated to a racoon who climbed the building and people were actually watching it. CBS Minnesota reports a live trap has been set on the roof, with cat food to lure the raccoon.

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The woodland creature has become so famous it now has its own Twitter account.

St. Paul Animal Control believes it may have been there all night before starting its climb.

The raccoon was first spotted on a ledge on Tuesday morning, just a few storeys high.

An extremely courageous (or extremely stupid) raccoon scaled a Minnesota building on Tuesday, shocking onlookers and sending Twitter into an anxious frenzy.

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