Doctor Sleep: Ewan McGregor Cast In Stephen King's Shining Sequel

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Kevork Djansezian NBC NBCU

Either way, if McGregor does sign on, it's another feather in the cap of a continually burgeoning Stephen King cinematic universe. While there had been plans for a movie, Warner Bros. struggled in developing a budget.

With films like Get Out and A Quiet Place taking the genre to new places and new levels of popularity, it will be exciting to see what director Mike Flanagan will do with the film.

Ewan McGregor is starring in the upcoming sequel to The Shining!

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Yes, Ewan McGregor will be playing adult Danny in the film that Flanagan's go-to producing partner Trevor Macy will produce along with Vertigo Entertainment's Jon Berg. McGregor will play the adult version of Danny Torrence, the terrified tot plagued by psychic powers who you probably remember best for screaming "Redrum" while he watched his father descend into a murderous rage.

The 2013 novel features Dan Torrance all grown up and haunted by (literally and figuratively) the tragic events in the 1980 classic Stanley Kubrick film The Shining. He works as a hospice nurse, using his psychic powers to ease the transition for dying patients, but he's also fighting for sobriety, the same addiction that made his dad so vulnerable to the evil forces lingering around the Overlook Hotel decades before. Like his father, he starts down a unsafe path of alcohol and rage until he comes into contact with a young girl in a hospice who shares his "shining" abilities, and who is also being targeted by a group with the same capabilities.

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