Kim summit helped world avoid nuclear catastrophe

President Trump meets with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in historic summit

Trump, Kim shake hands to begin historic summit

"A long trip, but everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office". Those assertions appear to contradict Trump's pledge to keep penalties in place until Kim's nuclear weapons "are no longer a factor". Because that's exactly what Trump did, reports Business Insider. Kim Jong-un indicated that in Singapore and shared that vision. And so do the North Koreans.

He got to meet with the President of the United States on an equal footing and, therefore, the prestige that went with it that he clearly sought, and that neither his father nor his grandfather were able to obtain. Trump and Kim referred back to the so-called Panmunjom Declaration, which contained a weak commitment to denuclearization but no specifics on how to achieve it.

SEOUL, South Korea The rival Koreas were holding rare high-level military talks today to discuss reducing tensions across their heavily fortified border.

Those details could prove major sticking points in the future while North Korea is believed to maintain a nuclear arsenal capable of threatening the U.S mainland.

Kim Jong-un understood getting rid of his nuclear arsenal needed to be done quickly and there would only be relief from stringent United Nations sanctions on North Korea after its "complete denuclearization", Pompeo said.

Trump returned to the United States on Wednesday and took to Twitter to hail the meeting, the first between a sitting USA president and a North Korean leader, as a major win for American security.

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Taiwan has lobbied Washington to sell it more advanced equipment, including new fighter jets, to bolster the island's defences. Earlier this month, the Dominican Republic established diplomatic relations with China and severed ties with Taiwan.

Despite Pompeo's insistence that sanctions would hold until denuclearization occurred, he offered few details on how the complex process of complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization would be implemented. "Only then will there be relief from the sanctions".

Pompeo said the Chinese agreed that only at an "appropriate time" will sanctions relief be considered "but only after full denuclearization, complete denuclearization of North Korea". "The V matters", he said. But Trump was realistic enough to not put too much pressure on Kim. First he insisted, "It's in the statement".

Now that's frankly ludicrous. Pompeo said Kim understands that "there will be in-depth verification" in any deal with the U.S. Indeed, there would be little standing in the way of a North Korean operation against South Korea should it determine that an attack that debilitates the South is a higher priority than a formal peace treaty with the United States. "One should heavily discount some things that are written in other places, including from some of your colleagues", he said.

Pompeo says Trump has been "incredibly clear" about the sequencing of the process.

The conservative Chosun Ilbo, the country's biggest paper, was more critical, denouncing Trump for offering the end of military drills while failing to convince the North to commit to verifiably giving up its nukes for good. "You think our country's so innocent?"

President Donald Trump sat down with Fox News' Bret Baier for a one-on-one interview aboard Air Force One. When asked about thousands of people imprisoned in labor camps, Trump said he thinks he has helped them because things in North Korea will change. You see that whenever they're exploding the cannons into the ocean, right?' Trump said after he played the four minute video for the press.

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