Scottish Nationalists in walkout after their leader is expelled from the Commons

Brexit news- Nicola Sturgeon and Ross Thompson

SKY NEWS•PARLIAMENT TVBrexit news Ross Thompson snapped at Ms Sturgeon over the SNP's power grab claims

"Under the power given to me by Standing order no.43 order in light of the repeated refusal to resume his seat on instruction I order the right honourable gentleman to withdraw immediately from the house for the remainder of this days sitting", the speaker said.

"But the SNP walkout was dismissed as a stunt by the Tories" leader in Scotland.

Moments later, Nicola Sturgeon tweeted she was "right behind" her party's MPs.

SCOTTISH Nationalist MPs stormed out of the Commons after their Westminster leader was expelled by Speaker John Bercow.

Blackford had sought an immediate vote to have the Commons heard in private, complaining that little more than half an hour had been given over to debating the devolution amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill last night.

Mr Blackford was asking for the Commons to sit in private when he was called to ask a question during the weekly PMQs session.

The SNP leader repeatedly objected and refused to return to his seat.

The Scottish Parliament has refused to give its consent to the Withdrawal Bill, meaning that Westminster is set to overrule its wishes for the first time in the history of devolution.

'That's undemocratic, that is a slight to the Scottish Parliament and to the people of Scotland'.

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She explained why the SNP had opted to leave the Chamber during Prime Minister's Questions.

This week, the Tory Government chose to press ahead with its power-grab to keep Scotland's powers in London - not in Scotland. The Tories' respect for Scotland is skin-deep at best.

'We hear from the Prime Minister about respecting devolution. This will rightly haunt the Scottish Tories for a generation.

Scottish Conservative MP Kirstene Hair said: 'This rehearsed move just demonstrated that the SNP care more about headlines than actually achieving anything for Scotland.

"They are the masters of manufactured grievance and the people of Scotland are sick of it".

'The SNP have played games with the constitution, played games with Brexit and now are playing games with Parliament.

He warned the UK Government that "this is not the end of the matter, this is the beginning" and concluded: "I will make sure we can frustrate as much as we possibly can what the Government are doing".

The passing of the EU Withdrawal Bill meant powers which were supposed to return to the Scottish Parliament after the United Kingdom leaves the EU would go to Westminster for a period of seven years, a move which SNP MPs broke with the Sewel convention that changes to devolution would not occur without the consent of the Scottish Parliament.

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