Sony breaks locked Fortnite account silence, and fans are furious

Fortnite is available on the Nintendo Switch starting today

Above Fortnite is available on the Nintendo Switch starting

"According to a statement provided to BBC News, Sony insists that it's ".always open to hearing what the PlayStation community is interested in to enhance their gaming experience", though it hasn't offered any hint of resolution for console gamers hoping to play with others.

The executive also commented on the possibility of services such as Netflix and YouTube coming to Nintendo's hybrid console, saying that conversations are still on-going while reinforcing that the company has wanted to promote the Switch as a gaming device above everything else.

The company went on to tout its 79 million consoles sold worldwide and said that it has a "huge community of gamers who can play together on Fortnite and all online titles". Recently, Sony has taken a serious blow when a huge number of players complained about issues when playing the title on a Nintendo Switch console after initially using it on a PS4 console. However, there's no word on whether you would be able to play a full game of Super Mario Party outside the confines of your couch. Sony, it's worth noting, doesn't accept responsibility for locked-out Epic Games accounts, but when those logins work across every other platform as long as you haven't used it on PS4, it's pretty easy to guess who is responsible here. Sony does not support cross-play support between the PS4 and the Switch, and that also means that you can't play Fortnite on the Switch with the account you've created on the PlayStation because that account is tied to your PSN account. And if you want to use your Epic account to track your progress in Fortnite, well ... you can't - but why don't you just keep using your PlayStation 4.

Complaints about the matter are already threatening to overshadow Sony's publicity efforts at the E3 video games show in Los Angeles.

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"Sony has got to be very careful about how it manages the situation", Samantha Loveridge, associate editor of GamesRadar+ told the BBC.

This controversy also comes alongside a slide in Sony's stock value.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime made a decision to weigh in on the situation at E3, saying that his company has no problem with cross-play against competing console systems. "We believe being both developer-forward and fan-forward is in the best interest of the game".

When I talked about the problem with Sony not backing down with cross-play previous year with Minecraft (when even Apple and Nintendo were on board), most people laughed it off - "why would Sony work with their arch rival Microsoft and benefit them?" they said.

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