Star Fox joins Starlink: Battle for Atlas | PlayStation 4

Starlink Battle for Atlas Releasing

Starlink: Battle For Atlas Gets Star Fox Content, October 16, 2018 Release Date

Fox McCloud, of Star Fox fame, and his beloved ship, Arwing, will be featured in Ubisoft's upcoming space combat simulator Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

The game is still a toys-to-life game that sees you connect a figure to the top of your controller.

Starlink is Ubisoft's fresh take on the toys-to-life concept and boasts ships which can be customised on the fly.

"The partnership allowed Ubisoft to push the Nintendo Switch version to new heights, and fully support handheld, tabletop and docked play".

Pilots, hulls, wings and weapons can be mixed and matched to build the player's custom starship with unprecedented level of customization and creativity. The Star Fox content will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. When you swap out a part or a pilot, this is displayed on the screen instantly.

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During the conference, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot brought Shigeru Miyamoto onto the stage, where they even gifted him a model of the Arwing.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas launches for all consoles on October 16th, 2018.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas was announced at E3 2017 but has stayed relatively quiet since then. "These are devastating abilities that you can use to turn the tide of a battle".

The above trailer showcases the reveal of Star Fox coming to Starlink: Battle for Atlas, the trailer also revealed the release date for the title.

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