Trump and Kim prepare for historic meeting

Dennis Rodman

GETTY DENNIS RODMAN Kim Jong-un's NBA star pal gifted him the Art of the Deal

For President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, it will be the first such meeting between a sitting U.S. president and a current North Korean leader. Even if the USA -backed "maximum pressure" campaign is no more amid the burst of diplomacy in the first half of 2018, North Korea has a long way to go before it'll get to where Singapore is today.

ELISE HU, BYLINE: Hey there.

He has said the talks would be more about starting a relationship with Kim for a negotiating process that would take more than one summit. On Monday, she met senior US diplomat Sung Kim at the Ritz-Carlton hotel to make final preparations for the summit.

Kim, one of the world's most reclusive leaders, made an evening tour of sites on Singapore's waterfront, on the eve of the summit due to start on Tuesday at a nearby resort island.

The KCNA also confirmed that he was guided by Singaporean officials, including its foreign minister.

According to the article, Kim Jong Un "went up to the roof of the Marina Bay Sands and looked out upon the downtown night view, and heard about their clean and handsome buildings". And Trump himself, the White House called a lid on the president and - just after lunch the day before, so he hasn't been seen out publicly.

He added: "North Korea has previously confirmed to us its willingness to denuclearise and we are eager to see if those words prove honest".

HU: The key negotiator for the North Koreans on American issues is a woman named Choe Son Hui.

He was whisked up the lifts as his security escort of a dozen North Koreans in dark suits ran up the stairs.

Kim Jong-un in Singapore
GETTY KIM JONG-UN North Korea's leader went for a walk around Singapore

And most interestingly, Ari, she was the one who made a statement saying that Vice President Mike Pence was a political dummy when Pence seemed to suggest a few weeks ago a Libya-style end to the Kim regime if Kim didn't give in to US demands. Despite North Korea taking serious steps towards denuclearization, the USA and North Korea failed to agree on a verification protocol, undoing all the progress that had occurred.

Kim is a departmental director at North Korea's United Front Department, the Workers' Party organization that handles inter-Korean relations.

For both men, the high-stakes encounter is the most consequential meeting of their lives, addressing the future of North Korean's nuclear arsenal and a peace agreement to end the precarious and tense 65 year limbo that has endured since the Korean War. The two clasped hands for a long while as they posed for photos in front of a row of United States and North Korean flags. She also led a large North Korean art troupe sent to South Korea during the February Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. And Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sought to keep expectations for the summit in check.

USA presidents have always faced a predicament in balancing national security and geopolitical priorities with democratic values. "We are going to have a great discussion and I think tremendous success".

Rodman, who was once a contestant on Trump's reality TV show "The Apprentice", said he once gave Kim a copy of Trump's book "The Art of the Deal" to help him understand the U.S. president better.

SHAPIRO: Will you just briefly look ahead to what comes after this summit? He's talked about a willingness to invite Kim Jong Un to the White House.

The talks will focus on North Korea's controversial nuclear programme. Where does this go from here? In the pursuit of these objectives, Kim's night out with Balakrishnan is more than just a surreal moment in global diplomacy.

Kang Hyung Seok, who is visiting Boston from South Korea, said Monday that whatever the outcome, the meeting itself was encouraging.

Should Trump agree to ease sanctions, Beijing is likely to be very willing to help North Korea rebuild its economy.

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