Only 'high-priority' notifications get through Gmail's new AI feature

Gmail priority notifications iOS

Only the emails that matter most will send you

It's typically less useful for knowing when emails that are actually important have come in. The app also notifies users about the latest change and lets them try the new notifications experience by turning it on directly from the default screen.

Mobile email notifications are a great way of reminding you to unsubscribe from dozens of annoying promotional lists. Using Google's work in machine learning and AI, Gmail will attempt to identify only the emails that are important and send you notifications when one lands in your inbox. Other features include notification prioritisation which makes it easier for users to receive notifications only for the emails that are important for them. Leveraging machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, the new feature helps you get rid of alerts from spam emails and some random newsletters. Once updated, the "high-priority" notification alert will sit at the top of the app. The selective notification will be a server-side update for iOS users, which is soon expected to follow on Android. As part of the recent Gmail redesign, Google unveiled a new feature, now for iOS only, that ensures your Gmail app only sends you push notifications when "high-priority" emails come in.

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Among other features, the new Gmail welcomed confidential mode, email snoozing among two-factor notification. This is not the first time we are coming to hear about this feature. On a related note, earlier this month Google announced that it will be bringing out the new Gmail design it introduced in April, out of the Early Adopter Program and will roll it out to everyone.

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