Bystander kills suspect at Washington Walmart

Police say the carjacker was shot after he had critically injured one driver

Police say the carjacker was shot after he had critically injured one driver

There he attempted to carjack another vehicle, shooting an occupant in it at least twice.

Police said that a 16-year-old girl was injured when the suspect tried to hijack her vehicle. It also was not clear whether shots were fired inside the store, she said. A 16-year-old girl was injured in the carjacking attempt. It also appeared that her vehicle had been stolen. Wohl said they later confirmed that the man doing the shooting was the same person involved in the carjacking.

The suspect, whose identity was withheld, allegedly shot the driver after he refused to cooperate. He was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center. His condition wasn't known. "Then the suspect tried to carjack a second auto".

According to a police release, two armed civilians initially approached the suspect. All scenes are believed to be related to the incident. He has not been identified.

The scene at Walmart was chaotic, according to local media reports.

The gunman attempted to carjack someone when he was fatally shot by a bystander, Tumwater police said. No customers or employees were injured.

Walmart customers reported hearing gunshots, but their accounts varied on whether the sounds came from inside or outside the store.

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"Then somebody yelled 'run, run!' and everyone took off", Ms Bailey said.

She said she got over to her vehicle, but knew she wouldn't be able to get out of the parking lot because many people were trying to flee.

Adams said he then saw a father with his family take out his concealed weapon and shoot the gunman dead.

"He is a hero", shopper Brian Adams told King 5 News about the unnamed civilian.

"We never want to see citizens put themselves in harm's way", she said of the citizen who shot the suspect, but, "in this case we don't know if he stopped the suspect from killing or hurting other people, and that can only be a good thing".

On this Father's day weekend, Robert Berwick swung by this Walmart around dinner time to pick up some items for a barbeque with his family. He said he heard about 15 shots. "Some people were moving more slowly, they were still kinda confused what was going on, so I just started shouting, go, go, go!"

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