You can no longer book Uber rides directly in Google Maps

Screenshot by Lori Grunin  CNET

Screenshot by Lori Grunin CNET

The tech giant has quietly removed Uber ride booking from its Google Maps app on Android, CNET and other news outlets reported Monday.

This partnership seemed to have expanded even further this year a version of Google Maps Beta was found to be able to create an Uber account directly.

However Google Maps will still allow users to book an Uber through the Uber app, so you will have to install the Uber app on your phone if you are still planning to try an book an Uber while using Google Maps.

Google made a big fuss about having the ability to book an Uber through the Maps app when the functionality was added in January 2017. That's in contrast to Lyft, which still shows estimates for different vehicle types, though you have to tap thew "Open App" button to actually order the ride in the Lyft app. Another possible reason for the separation could be due to Google's recent $1 billion investment in Lyft; Uber's main competitor in the U.S. market. This meant less steps for users which could also help drive the number Uber rides. This cool integration is now gone! But instead of continuing the process of booking a ride, you now have to tap a button that reads "open app" to schedule the auto. "You can no longer book Uber rides directly in Google Maps", the page read. If that is the case, then this integration removal has nothing to do with Google at all.

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Uber has certainly changed how people get around.

As per a report by The Verge, Google has now officially removed the direct book feature from their Google Maps app.

Or you could just use Lyft, which still has Google Maps integration and has a much better company track record.

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