Attorneys General Demand An End To Separation Of Immigrant Families

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks on immigration policy and law enforcement actions at Lackawanna College in downtown Scranton Pa. on Friday

Sessions: harsh migrant policy aims to end 'lawlessness'

U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder, R-Kansas, joined a growing bipartisan group of lawmakers calling on the Trump administration to discontinue its practice of splitting up families who cross the U.S. -Mexico border illegally.

The attorney general's unwavering defense of the policy, citing the Bible and at one point distinguishing the tactics from those of the Nazis, underlines his longtime willingness to buck centrist views, particularly on his signature issue of immigration.

"This policy, devised by the Trump Administration, is wrong, inhumane, and traumatic for thousands of children".

Brad Parscale tweeted Tuesday that it was "time to fire Sessions". Administration officials like Sessions, senior White House adviser Stephen Miller, and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders have all attempted to excuse the policy using conflicting and often confusing narratives, with Miller claiming that the decision to enact the brutal policy was "simple".

"It deeply troubles me and burdens my heart that innocent immigrant children are being separated from their parents", he wrote.

Republicans in the House and Senate have urged the administration to halt the policy and said they would act. Sen. "If we have them, then they should be enforced".

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The twin letters are the latest in an onslaught of criticism for the Trump administration.

The bipartisan group of former U.S. Attorneys, led by Preet Bharara from the Southern District of NY, argued the policy deviates from previous norms enacted by Republican and Democratic administrations and ignores the past precedent of maintaining a balance between "effective enforcement and deterrence with humanity and compassion", the letter said. "And, let me tell you, Donald Trump knows how to give a clear order". Sessions is a member of a Methodist church in Mobile, Alabama, and attends services at another Methodist church in Virginia.

While layman in the Methodist denomination does not typically have charges brought against them in this manner, Sessions' unique position of power has motivated those in his denomination to take action.

The letter says the attorneys involved were "horrified" by the pictures and audio of wailing children who are kept in chain-link cages in detention centers. Sessions is being accused of stopping the investigations of police departments who have been charged with racial discrimination along with criminalizing racial justice activist groups like Black Lives Matter. "Put simply, the deliberate separation of children and their parents who seek lawful asylum in America is wrong", the letter finishes. "They are provided plenty of food, education in their language, health and dental care, and transported to their destination city - all at taxpayer expense", he continued.

Sessions was chastised by priests, pastors and other religious members, as well as making almost all the rounds on late-night talk shows for his use of the Bible to defending separating children from their parents at the border.

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