Democrats no help to Donald Trump, Republicans on family separation issue

The U.S. Capitol Dome in Washington

The U.S. Capitol Dome in Washington

The president didn't sound like a man on the verge of changing his mind, delivering a fiery speech to a small business group Tuesday defending his administration's handling of the policy and saying it's up to Congress to fix things.

A Honduran mother removes her two-year-old daughter's shoe laces, as required by U.S. Border Patrol agents, after being detained near the U.S. -Mexico border on June 12, 2018, in McAllen, Texas.

The Fake News is not mentioning the safety and security of our Country when talking about illegal immigration.

"How can you enjoy a Mexican dinner as you're deporting, imprisoning tens of thousands of people who come here seeking asylum in the United States?" one of the activists cried out.

Later on Tuesday, after the Trumping meeting with the GOP House members, The Republican Main Street Caucus, chaired by Rep. Rodney Davis said in a statement, "Since the beginning of this debate, Main Street members have been committed to finding a permanent solution for DACA recipients and adequate funding for border security that will prevent risky drugs, illegal guns, and criminals from flowing through our country".

"When you prosecute the parents for coming in illegally, which should happen, you have to take the children away", he said.

Neither of the two measures can muster the votes to pass the House nor get the supermajority needed in the Senate, where Republicans need Democratic support for passage.

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"They're fake", he said. We want to secure the border.

"What's frustrating to me ... is to try to give the impression that all of a sudden the Trump administration is much more inhumane compared to the Obama administration ...", Aguilar said. There is certainly a better way and one that respects the dignity of these immigrants and honors their aspirations for what they believe our nation might offer them. A growing number of Republicans have pushed back, including Sen.

Senate Republicans are also moving to block Trump's policy.

"There are so many obstacles to legislation and when the president can do it with his own pen, it makes no sense", Schumer said. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to halt family separation out of "human decency" as Congress works on a solution. That line has been echoed by others in the administration, including Trump himself, who has falsely blamed a law passed by Democrats for the "zero tolerance" approach to prosecutions of families crossing the border. Officials couldn't say how numerous 2,342 children had been united as of this week.

The administration, meanwhile, is hoping to force Democrats to vote for the bills or bear some of the political cost in November's midterm elections.

There has been global outrage at the U.S. policy, rolled out last month, of separating migrant families at its border with Mexico. Dianne Feinstein which would overturn the family separation policy.

At the Tuesday rally, tech workers mixed with immigrants and activists, all horrified at the images of children being torn from their parents.

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