Beyoncé and Jay-Z's new album is available to stream and download

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Hov and Beyoncé dropped their surprise joint album, "Everything Is Love", over the weekend.

Recall that the previous album Lemonade Beyonce released in 2016, and the last album Jay-Z 4:44 left in 2017.

The video captured Beyonce and JAY-Z in front of many pieces of rare art like the Mona Lisa. But it's the "Everything Is Love" record.

On the final track, the joyously brassy "Lovehappy", the two acknowledge past pain but also their efforts to reconcile. It was hard to understand why he did it as Beyonce was so ideal, but humans are flawed.

Everything Is Love was released in epic fashion.

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Jay-Z on the song name-checks Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old African American shot dead in 2012 by a neighborhood watchman in a Florida gated community, and raps, in a twist on performers' rote calls for crowd gesticulation, "Get your hands up high like a false arrest".

Denisia "Blu Jane" Andrews - who did six tracks with the couple - said: "Once [Beyonce] went to Wales, things really started to evolve".

The rapper has shown his support for Colin Kaepernick, the now-unemployed National Football League quarterback. Lyrics include Jay-Z confirming he turned down a Super Bowl halftime show, denying having an illegitimate love child, and addressing being shut out at the Grammy Awards ("Tell the Grammys fuck that 0 for 8 shit"), while Queen Bey says she's forgiven her husband for his "Lemonade"-era infidelity". One more track Salud! - billed as a non-album promotional song - remains exclusive to TIDAL.

What you might not know is that "Apeshit" was a full-fledged Migos demo before it made its way to Beyonce and Jay-Z.

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