Phanatic Shoots Phillies Fan in the Face With Hot Dog Cannon

Phillies Fan Hurt After Being Shot in Face by Phillie Phanatic's Hot Dog Cannon

Phillies fan injured after Phillie Phanatic's flying hot dog hit her in the face

A Phillies fan was injured at a game after being hit in the a FLYING HOT DOG.

A woman at a baseball game was injured after being shot in the face by a flying hot dog that was sacked out of a hot dog cannon.

Kathy McVay told the Associated Press she was sitting near home plate when a hot dog wrapped in duct tape struck her in the face. "It came out of nowhere - and hard".

The Phillies reached out to apologize to McVay on Tuesday and offered her tickets to another game once she heals, assuming she would like to return to Citizens Bank Park.

The Phillie Phanatic greets fans during a game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, July 22, 2015.

The big green mascot came out with his hot dog launcher, and was about to launch them into the stands.

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"And then the next thing I know he shot it in our direction, and bam! And hard", she told the TV station.

"Just to be aware", she told WPVI. McVay said, "I have a small hematoma in my eye. It's going to go down the side of my face".

On Monday night, she ended up in the emergency room for a CAT scan to make sure she didn't suffer a concussion. She does not plan to bring any legal action, unlike a Royals fan who sued that team over a similar incident in 2009.

Who knew a hot dog could be so unsafe?? However, she does have a message for fellow fans in the stands.

Plus McVay is taking it in stride, syaing if it "makes somebody chuckle, then that's fine".

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