Strawberry Moon to rise Wednesday night

Watch the Moon Swing by Jupiter Tonight

Look to the night sky to see Saturn shining alongside the full moon

The Strawberry Moon has also been called the Rose Moon and the Honey Moon.

So starting Tuesday night, head outside with a telescope or binoculars if you can and look for Saturn shining in the east relatively close to the big moon. Like numerous names for full moons, this one dates back to Native Americans, in this case to the Algonquin, the first native peoples encountered by European settlers in the New World. "It's a cool moon because it traces a shallow path across the sky", Bob Bonadurer, director of the Milwaukee Public Museum's Daniel M. Soref Dome Theater & Planetarium said to Journal Sentinel. But this month's Moon cycle may have you hankering for a snack.

It's a red-letter week for night sky watchers as a full moon and arguably the solar system's most attractive planet will be on full display.

On the 30th, the gibbous moon will shine with bright orange Mars and will climb with the moon for a lovely view at midnight. However, that is not the best time to look at it.

The moon is set to rise at 8:24 p.m. and be at its fullest at 9:53 p.m., according to Washington State University astronomer Michael Allen.

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Some of Saturn's moons might also be visible with a telescope, NASA said.

Adding to the excitement will be a full moon in the early morning hours Thursday. "If you have never spotted Saturn's rings, now is your chance", AccuWeather Astronomy Blogger Dave Samuhel said.

The exact peak of the strawberry moon will be at 12:53 EST on Friday, according to Bustle, but the moon should appear similar in fullness to the human eye at any time of the night.

Full moons traditionally represented new beginnings and new change, with Native American women using the moon to cleanse their spiritual selves.

So find a clear southern horizon, and look for it immediately below the Moon and Saturn on the night of the 27th. Since the moon will rise just before sunset, it will be a good opportunity to take photographs.

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