Learn More About Overwatch's New Hero Wrecking Ball

New Overwatch hero 28 is… a hamster

Overwatch – well that was unexpected

Today, the Overwatch team revealed the face of the game's latest hero, and it is certainly not the face of mercy.

Video game stories from other sites on the web. We're still waiting for more details on hero 28 and we'll update as soon as we have them, but for now say hello...

The next hero for Overwatch has been confirmed, and it's nearly definitely not what you were expecting. What do you think of Hammond and Wrecking Ball? Many fans assumed that the new hero would be Hammond, based off of the clues in the Overwatch teaser trailers.

The Overwatch community's response to Hammond's reveal has mostly been positive, but a few players are confused by Blizzard's sudden change of heart regarding "ridiculous" heroes.

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Previous hints on the reworked Lunar Colony map suggested that Hammond attached his ball to Winston's ship and followed him to Earth but nobody expected that would be a hamster. The final teaser seems to clear things up and shows the face of hero number 28 of Overwatch to be a chubby hamster. Overwatch has its sillier parts but how could a cackling hamster possibly fit into the lore?

"In one of the many experiments carried out at Horizon Lunar Colony, animals were given genetic therapy to assess their adaptation to extended periods of habitation on the moon". Unless you were expecting a hyper-intelligent hamster named Hammond with his own robotic rolling hamster ball, in which case, nicely done! Hammond escaped his captors just the same as Winston.

Hammond's mech is similar to what we have seen on the Wrecking Ball champion from the fighter pits of Junkertown, hence we may assess a connection there. The ball-shaped mecha-which is called a Wrecking Ball-rolls in, shows off its enormous gun power, and the top opens up to reveal an adorable hamster inside. With his vast intellect, Hammond has built an armor-plated hamster ball complete with four assault cannons, a grappling hook, proximity mines, and a temporary shield.

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